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India has many beautiful cities with striking conditions in which any enterprise, large or small, can thrive. Real estate is one of India’s most exciting investment sectors. There are a variety of places where you can invest in the real estate market, which spans over the country from major cities to rural areas

Top Cities With Better Future ROI In Near Future

This city, also known as India’s Silicon Valley, is the home of information technology, with several tech hubs relocating to the region. The ongoing residential projects in Bangalore by real estate developers are making the city more suited for potential MNCs, indicating that real estate investment in this area is worthwhile.

Even as the pandemic persists, the Bangalore commercial real estate sector continues to draw significant occupiers to sign up for under construction and built-to-suit spaces, demonstrating the market’s underlying resilience. Today’s investment in this area would be a game changer.

Tamil Nadu’s capital is primarily a consumer-driven market, rendering it less susceptible to speculation. North Chennai is primarily industrial, while central Chennai is the city’s most populated area, with well-developed commercial and residential markets. South and West Chennai, which were historically mostly residential areas, are rapidly transforming into commercial zones, with a large number of IT and financial services firms.

Perungudi, Sholinganallur, and Siruseri, as well as the GST Road, have developed a plethora of job opportunities in south Chennai. The state government’s emphasis on providing excellent road connectivity along these nodes has aided in the region’s growth. With broad townships, the Outer Ring Road has emerged as the strongest upcoming investment sector. With infrastructure improvements, the Guindy-Alandur cluster is expected to grow stronger in the medium term.

All in all, Chennai has plenty of factors aligned in its favor as one of the top cities for real estate investment.

Delhi NCR
There is a growing demand for office space in Delhi-NCR, which large corporations are purchasing because the current economic situation provides an opportunity to close the deal at a reduced price for bulk office space. Despite the fact that small and midsize businesses and the MSME sector are downsizing their office space and workforce, there is still a demand for small and midsize office space.

India is also increasingly becoming a center for large-scale office space requirements. Multinational corporations are considering India as a location for Data Center Offices, especially in cities such as Delhi-NCR. In the next 24–36 months, data centers are expected to occupy about 10 million square feet.

Other commercial real estate segments, such as logistics parks, warehousing, retail shops and showrooms, and mall properties, are expected to boom in the near future, as is the case in Delhi. In the extended industrial belt and land banks of Delhi, India, as one of the favored destinations for multinational corporations, has tremendous growth potential in warehousing and logistics parks.

Since Gurgaon, which is a part of NCR, is the industrial hub of the National Capital Region, the number of people looking for work and business opportunities is rapidly rising in the city, making it India’s hottest real estate destination.

Ahmedabad is Gujarat’s most important commercial and trade center. Textile, manufacturing, chemical, and automotive industries drive the job landscape. An increase in job opportunities has drawn talent from across the world, transforming the real estate sector from one dominated by investors to one dominated by end users. Infrastructure measures such as the BRTS and the Outer Ring Road have expanded the city’s horizons.

Also, the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, or GIFT City, which is a central business district under construction between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar that promises to provide global companies with world-class infrastructure, services, and the highest quality of life through integrated townships acts as a major plus point.

Apart from this, East Ahmedabad will see a major pull in the coming years, as work on the first phase of the Metro project has begun in the city. This step would connect affordable suburban areas in the east with the city center and west, cutting the effective travel time between the most densely populated areas, giving a heads up for increased investments in real estate.

The city’s proximity to Mumbai, as well as a thriving education, engineering, automobile, and IT scene, have expedited real estate activity in what was once a sleepy town. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway has made Pune a popular investment destination for out-of-towners, while the pleasant weather year-round attracts homebuyers.

Pune has a wide range of properties for both end users and investors at different price points. In the affordable market, prices range from Rs 15 to Rs 30 lakh. The premium segment begins at Rs 1.3 crore and goes up to Rs 2.5 crore for luxury ventures. The upcoming areas to scout in Pune are Vishrantwadi, Dhanori, Kharadi, and Whagoli in the east, and Wakad, Hinjewadi, Ravet, and Tathawade in the west.

The Pune real estate market has gone from being one of the average performers to one of the best performers in the last five years.

Despite a lack of accommodation, India’s financial capital is still the best choice for commercial real estate investors. Mumbai is not only seeing a steady increase in demand for office space, but it is also seeing a boom in new commercial structures.

The city’s transportation and infrastructure are also being strengthened, attracting big conglomerates looking for well-equipped large commercial spaces. This shift is raising stakes in Mumbai’s office space industry, allowing investors to enter the market.

Overall, the reduction of stamp duty, reduced prices, low interest rates, and a weak rupee, among other factors, have resulted in a significant recovery in Maharashtra’s real estate sector — especially, Mumbai.

To summarize, the country’s financial capital is a very promising real-estate investment market that every investor should consider, particularly now, given the long-term horizons and opportunities it presents.

High-tech metropolis Hyderabad is the fastest-growing megacity, with the highest return on investment in the real estate industry, ensuring long-term viability despite recent setbacks. Hyderabad, the capital of the state of Telangana, is a renowned Real Estate Investment destination that continues to draw visitors from all over the world.

The global economy has been competitive, but the city has provided value to all types of investors. Commercial space investors have seen the value rise over time, and it is projected to continue to grow in double digit percentages year after year. This type of demand has elevated the city to the global stage, attracting an increasing number of visitors.

Hyderabad’s geographical location, diverse cosmopolitan community, state-of-the-art civil and social infrastructure, connectivity in domestic and international transits, and strong local government are just a few of the factors that make it a global preferred destination. It is most useful for builders, realtors, and infrastructure firms to have all prospects under one roof in an exhibition.

Though Ahmedabad is Gujarat’s largest city, Vadodara is a major industrial hub with major pharmaceutical and chemical companies. With foundational projects like the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) and the Gujarat International Financial Tec-City, among others, the area is expected to experience significant growth.

Vadodara, classified as a major industrial center in Gujarat, is emerging as an ideal location for real estate growth. It is projected to become a booming ground for large infrastructure and manufacturing ventures in the near future, with rapid growth promising high returns on property investments.

Vadodara has a lot of potential for real estate growth. The city’s reputation has helped it attract large developers who see it as a lucrative investment opportunity. Builders and developers have prioritized constructing top-quality projects and meticulous use of residential schemes since the city’s real estate market is conducive to development. This makes Vadodara, one of the locations for commercial property investment to watch out for in the near future.

Surat is a city with a high standard of living. Also known as the Diamond Capital of the World, it is a well-developed metropolis, mainly known for its diamond processing and textile industries. It is one of the world’s fastest growing cities, the second largest commercial center in Gujarat, India’s eighth largest city and has been awarded the title of “Best Urban City of India.”

Surat has one of India’s strongest infrastructures. The popular Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), as well as the DREAM City or the Diamond Research and Mercantile City, are among the infrastructural developments that are expected to form Surat’s face in terms of land value and employment.

The Surat airport has been designed to provide direct air connectivity to major Indian and international cities. Surat is also home to a complex network of power plants and substations. It has a well-developed road and rail network, as well as a plethora of ports. It is one of the best cities in Gujarat, with world-class infrastructure and numerous initiatives taken by the state government making it an apt destination for investment.

The property values in the city are rising as a result of the city’s serene and peaceful atmosphere, lack of communal unrest, and strict law and order system. As a result, investing in Surat real estate is becoming a wise decision.

The Best Time to Invest is Now

The pandemic slowed the real estate market in the first and second halves, but once the Unlock 1.0 process was revealed, investments began to pick up. The revival in the market for affordable housing emphasizes the importance of home ownership.

Commercial real estate, on the other hand, has performed well in recent years, and experts believe that, despite the covid-19 setback, the sector can rebound quickly and prove to be a good long-term investment choice.

Rentals may have decreased in 2020, but the trend will not continue. With the arrival of the vaccines and the overall opening up of the economy in 2021, the workforce will return to the cities, resulting in increased demand for affordable properties.

Real estate has proven to be resilient in the face of significant societal changes time and time again. There has never been a better time for those looking to invest in a real estate property.



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