Commercial Property Investment in Ahmedabad — Complete Guide for Realtors

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Why is Ahmedabad the best for Commercial Property Investment?
Ahmedabad is one of the most upcoming and promising cities in India and the largest city of Gujarat. The city has always been known for its businesses and entrepreneurs. The city is a very important industrial and economic hub for the country with well-developed sectors like communication, commerce, and construction. Owing to the rapid infrastructure development and progressive policies, the city has been delivering unparalleled real estate returns.

Ahmedabad real estate has seen exponential growth in the past decade. The city is now one of India’s most thriving markets for real estate investment. Not only has the residential market developed drastically, but the commercial market has also grown significantly in terms of price appreciation especially in areas like S.G Highway, Prahlad Nagar, Ashram Road, and other parts of eastern Ahmedabad.

The demand for property in Ahmedabad is primarily driven by the interest of investors and NRIs. With the development of major automobile manufacturing units in areas around Ahmedabad, the demand for residential homes and commercial office spaces in Ahmedabad has increased twofold. Not just in the city, even the properties near Ahmedabad have seen an appreciation in their value.

The demand for office space for IT companies has seen a spike in recent times as major IT companies are setting up their base in the city. The demand for commercial spaces such as godowns has increased as Ecommerce and logistics have expanded.

Ahmedabad is also a major educational centre, with institutions such as the Indian Institute of Management, National Institute of Designing, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Management Association, and others.

As a result of a large number of out-of-town students who come to the city to study in these institutions, the demand for PGs is always high. Investing in PGs also has a good scope of returns.

The city was already well-connected owing to the Bus Rapid Transit Services (BRTS) and Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS), but the METRO is now being built to improve these services even further. The following article is a real estate investment guide for Ahmedabad.

Here are a few points as to why this city is a good place to invest your money

Well-developed Infrastructure

The city’s concentric road network is one of the main reasons for increasing investment interest in Ahmedabad. Infrastructure construction has not only aided in the prevention of traffic pollution in the capital, but it has also aided in the widening of the city’s periphery.

Ahmedabad has comparatively low levels of traffic congestion as compared to other major cities around the country. Furthermore, the growth of the public transportation infrastructure, including metro connectivity and the excellent Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS), has significantly aided connectivity.

Gujarat International Finance Tech (GIFT) City

GIFT City is India’s first functioning Smart City, situated about 12 kilometres from Ahmedabad. The city, which spans 886 acres, is designed to provide high-quality amenities by making efficient use of capital. Water delivery is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, electronic waste disposal is available, room optimization is available, and a district cooling system is available. In addition, GIFT City has been envisioned as a global IT and financial services centre with the potential to employ nearly one million people in the future.

The growth of GIFT city is expected to accelerate the speed of real estate development in the surrounding area, especially the residential market in Ahmedabad, by providing enhanced connectivity to Ahmedabad through BRTS and metro.

Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar The Twin City

Gandhinagar is only 26kms away from Ahmedabad. The two cities are now very well connected by the six lane Visat-Gandhinagar Highway, in addition to the bus systems that were already in place. Also, the introduction of the metro will further aid the connectivity between the two cities. Gandhinagar is just as growing in terms of real estate as Ahmedabad.

Various market analysts and real estate experts state that Gandhinagar is the new emerging destination for real estate investment. The International Cricket Stadium in Motera, the Metro link Express from Gandhinagar to Ahmedabad (MEGA), once operational, will definitely appreciate the land value there. Gandhinagar as a city is very well planned out, has good roads and infrastructure, and is the green city of Gujarat.

Well known developers like Adani group, Godrej Properties, Siddhi and Ganesh group, are developing townships between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar as well as in Gandhinagar. It is a good time to invest in property in Ahmedabad Gandhinagar twin city duo as both are in the developing stage and will fetch good returns in the future.

Ample Job Opportunities

The city has been known as the hub for chemical, pharmaceutical and textile industries. Moreover, the demand for commercial property in Ahmedabad has reported a surge, with the highest demand being from start-ups. A number of IT office spaces are also being set up in the city.

The city is home to various educational institutions including the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM-A), National Institute of Designing (NID), National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA), Nirma University and many more such esteemed institutes. Such institutes set base for a strong resource pool for various industries in the city.

Some of the well-known companies in Ahmedabad include Zydus Cadila, Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Nirma Industries, Adani Company, and Bosch Rexroth.

Aside from these, the city is known for being one of India’s largest exporters of gems and jewellery. The increasing involvement of global corporations is expected to boost demand and improve the quality of commercial real estate in the region, paving the way for the city’s residential markets in the times to come.

Civic Amenities

Ahmedabad is one of the safest cities in the country. Situated on the banks of the river Sabarmati, the city has everything that one could ask for. The people here are very friendly and humble and ever ready to help. Ahmedabad is a perfect amalgamation of the fast paced lifestyle of the metro cities and quiet life of the smaller towns.

Ahmedabad is also known for its food. The city is brimming with restaurants and cafes. Investing in restaurants also yields good returns on investment here. The student population adds life to the city. The cost of living is also quite low as compared to the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. There are also a bunch of reputable developers offering a wide selection of projects in varying price ranges to meet the needs of investors.

Real Estate Growth in Ahmedabad and Near Future

The new developments in metro line services linking different parts of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar are expected to boost the prices of commercial property in both Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Prices in the area have already risen as a result of the new International Cricket Stadium in Motera. The Ahmedabad International Airport is directly connected to the cricket stadium via the metro rail line. The stadium’s construction would spur further development in the city, resulting in higher real estate prices in both Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

Buying a commercial property in Ahmedabad as well as residential property has huge scopes of yielding great returns with all these new developments that have taken place in the city in recent years.

Top Location for Buying and Investing in Ahmedabad Commercial Property.

Top Location for Buying and Investing in Ahmedabad Commercial Property.



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