25 Cities For Real Estate Investment In India In 2021

A priority wise list of cities investors must look at while investing in real estate.

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4 min readMar 16, 2021
Top 25 Cities For Real Estate Investment In India — 2021
A Roadmap For Selecting The Best Property For Your Investment

Real estate in India boomed in the latter half of the 2000s. With the government regime-changing hands in the last decade, buying real estate, especially houses, has become effortless.

While real estate is a rewarding investment, it surely is something that needs full-proof thought. An investor must be aware of the ROI generated on the investment, the tax-paying routine, seller’s incentive, resale value, and more.

Keep reading to know which cities in India are gaining traction in terms of real estate, the growth trajectory of real estate in these cities, and what factors are to be considered while buying a property.

Priority wise list of cities Investor must keep an eye on!

Which type of property indicates promising growth?
Commercial real estate. One must ask the obvious “Why?” to this statement. Here’s why: The market sentiment of buying a house as opposed to a commercial property is down. With Work From Home or Independent working becoming the future of working, people are looking at a rather compact and quiet space to work from.

We came up with a list of cities buyers must keep an eye on while investing in commercial real estate, office spaces, houses or individual lands.

1. Bangalore/Bengaluru

This city is like the mecca of opportunities, at the moment. The city contributes to more than 35% of the total commercial office spaces the country sees today. It is also one of the most choices markets for pre-rented or pre-leased properties for MNCs such as Amazon, Siemens, Accenture, Google, Apple, and more. It also projects a growth of 60–65% in the coming decade (2020–2030) in terms of housing and commercial property combined.

2. Mumbai

A city that never sleeps and a city where almost every Indian dreams of settling. The vast expanse of the city has attracted buyers to invest in properties from Malad to Navi Mumbai. Investors looking to buy commercial spaces or houses must look at Mumbai for interest rates are lower, and the government of Maharashtra plans to increase the stamp duty rates by 3–5% post 31st March 2021. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to invest in the financial capital of the country, where real estate appreciation is miraculous?

3. Ahmedabad

The manchester of India has come as emerging marketing for real estate. Commercial properties in Ahmedabad have seen a surge in signups from interested buyers. The availability of real estate with affordable yet secure living standards and the introduction of smart city projects have made Ahmedabad commercial real estate a prime choice for real estate investors. It is expected that Ahmedabad’s residential real estate is expected to rise by 25% by 2023.

4. Hyderabad

This city has the highest ROI and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Real estate appreciation in Hyderabad is unlike any other and is expected to grow at a whopping 13% per annum by 2025.

5. New Delhi

New Delhi has been under immense scrutiny in the last few months. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the city holds historic, economic, and political importance. Owing to the recent declaration by the Prime Minister of India of providing affordable houses to all by 2022, New Delhi Municipal Corporation has launched multiple housing schemes to support the announcement.

6. Surat

The diamond city of the country and the world, Surat comes as yet another smart real estate investment option. Whether it is commercial spaces, office spaces or pre-leased properties, Surat has shown almost 20% development in residential and commercial real estate over the last three years.

7. Pune

With smart cities being the prime focus of Pune, it comes as the safest real estate investment option in 2021. Apart from smart cities like Amby Valley, Pune’s real estate appreciation is expected to grow to 16% per annum. IT, digital transformation, Manufacturing, and financial MNCs are developing their bases in this city of Maratha warriors. So, it is safe to say that real estate investment in Pune is a smart move.

8. Gurgaon

Commercial property investment in Gurgaon is a promising front for both developers and buyers. The city’s development of the urban transit system has quite some brownie points for making it a smart real estate investment opportunity. Another reason why people must look at investing here is that the demand for houses and co-working spaces has increased owing to the Pandemic. Thus, Gurgaon is in the top 10 cities to live and invest in 2021.

9. Guwahati

Investing in Guwahati real estate may be another option for investors looking at commercial or residential properties. The state of Assam announced the development of Twin Towers in Basistha has given an edge for commercial property investment to buyers. Over and above this, the city has also shown nominal rates for per range square feet starting at Rs. 3200.

Other than these, the following cities show promising real estate investment in the current year and beyond.

10. Chennai

11. Navi Mumbai

12. Coimbatore

13. Vadodra

14. Indore

15. Shimla

16. Bhubaneshwar

17. Silvassa

18. Kakinada

19. Salem

20. Vellore

21. Gandhinagar

22. Davangere

23. Tiruchirapalli

24. Jaipur

25. Dharamshala


Indian real estate has boomed to another level in the last decade. The investor is at a profit to invest in any city mentioned above. If you’re someone who is looking to double your investment in real estate, check out a list of pre-lease properties from top cities in India.



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